Spring ’15 is gonna be ill: We here at Manifest Worldwide are dropping another bangin collection for the first time in too long, and The Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA has a new LP for the first time in Seven fuckin’ years! The LP is Dark Matter, and we have the first single off the joint, it’s called The Mexican. 20 years after Wu-Gambinos came out, GZA delivers a 2015 spiritual successor in a sense, over a tight rework of Babe Ruth’s 1972 crowd-parting breakbeat of the same name that everyone from Organized Konfusion to Moe Dee to Pete Rock lifted over the years.

As much of a Genius as GZA always is, Tom Morello on axe is just that good as well. Truly a match made in modern rap heaven. Bump this joint and block out the wack shit you be hearing from the TV and Radio.

-Skylar Woodman