Recently Reebok & Rakim got together to do an edition of their Definition of a Classic series- this installment mostly centered around his 1987 LP Paid in Full. Rakim himself sits down and discusses growing up listening to Coltrane, his Aunt Ruth Brown and her influence on his music, his introduction to DJ Eric B legendary Def Jam publicist Bill Adler serves as kind of a co-host for the nearly nine and a half minute retrospective. DJ Premier even makes a couple appearances, one in which he confesses how blown away he was by a certain Eric B & Rakim cut upon his first time hearing them. One of the last things we’re left with is how Rakim has stayed by and large on the same path for over 20 years, retaining his identity as the microphone god and just his unique brand of dropping straight forward, highly technical flows. It’s totally true. There’s much I didn’t reference in the video so please check it out, it’s a vital tribute to a Golden Era hero. – Skylar Woodman