Golden Era mic ripper and 1/4 of the HRSMN Watts California’s own Ras Kass is back with a brand new full length banger of an LP with Manifest Family & one of the new breed of Detroit hip hop’s finest Apollo Brown on each and every one of the beats. This is the video for one of the singles of the 2014 album entitled Blasphemy and I admit upon first hearing the title, I figured it was just sly or used as shock value maybe, but shit listen to the joint and especially the lyrics Ras is laying over Apollo’s Detroit boom bap and you’ll know precisely why the LP is named that way. The joint is called How to kill God the entire track centers around dogma and the fallacies that many religions are built off of. Ras takes no prisoners and while Christianity bores the brunt, it’s not the only form of organized religion that gets referenced.

Evidently Ras is an abbreviation for Rasp because son’s voice done dropped an octave on this one. Grimey delivery and an urgency to the flow like he has 4 minutes to the exit. Not at all to be missed, it’s slammin’ from the Lee Dorsey drums on up to the never-ending heat rocks that Ras has always spit. Peep the video and make sure you cop the Blasphemy LP if you already ain’t. And Apollo, nice jacket fam! -Skylar Woodman